Maria's Summer Camping Weekend
July 17-19, 2009


Hi Gang!

Casey and I are planning a mild, close (for us)
camping trip July 17 -19. We're going with friends from our original camping crew (Janet, her daughter Jennifer, 5-10/12 year old Zoe and Casey the dog). If you plan to bring a pet, please bring proof of rabies vaccination and leash. They have poop pick up bags.

I haven't reserved the sites yet because I just checked out the campgrounds yesterday. They're not as glamorous as the NH campsites, but they'll do on saving time and gas. We plan to go to nearby Mount Wachusett for hiking. We plan not to drink because Prohibition still exists in the state parks. Chocolate in some form will be on the menu but not chocolate tomatoes since they are not ready for harvesting yet.

The most likely campground will be
Pearl Hill State Park in West Townsend, MA (

Please extend this invitation to my nieces and nephews - I don't have all the email addresses. (Tell Alex it's "close" to NH.) Join us for the whole w/e or just the hike, the picnic on the summit, campfire dinner or leisurely Sunday breakfast. Or see you in Nantucket where ticks replace mosquitoes, lobsters replace chocolate and bathing suits replace hiking boots.


Maria and Casey hiking somewhere great

Updated July 4, 2009

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