Salem to China: Life on Land and Sea  1784 - 1820

Jenny and Pauline’s Third Grade

We had lots of question about what life was like during this time period.  Here are some of the questions we investigated.

If you think animals rule, click here to discover the world of colonial animals.

What kind of animals did they have in Salem?

If you think your life is hard, read here and your life will seem much easier!  You might have thought kids in Salem played different games than we do, but they played many of the same games as us.

What was it like to be eight or nine years old?

Babies wore a pudding!  Can you guess what it looked like?

What kind of clothing did people wear?

There lots of important jobs in Salem.  Do you know what the cooper and the tinker did?

What kind of jobs did people do?

What do you think this picture is?  Hiding under the paper is a kind of food.  If you want to learn more click the button below.

What kind of food did people eat?

Are you a jock?  Well here’s some sports that Salem, MA played before your time!  Click below for more details.

What kind of games and sports did people play?

Life in Salem