Salem to China: Life on Land and Sea  1784 - 1820

Jenny and Pauline’s Third Grade

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Babies wore an outfit called a pudding!  It was padded and helped keep them from getting hurt when they were learning how to walk.  Both boys and girls wore linen dresses until they were five or six years old.  Boys and girls dressed like their parents.  Girls wore cloaks and hoods.  Boys wore bright colored stockings and caps.

What kind of clothing did they wear?



Many people wore wigs.  Wigs were powdered with powder puffers.  There were bob wigs, bag wigs, hedgehog wigs ( they were spiky like a porcupine!), cadogan wigs with a looped up tail or queue, and ramillies wigs with a braided tail.


In the eighteenth century, a few women wore wigs, but most women styled their own hair.  Women wore their hair loose or tied it back in a bun.  One style was called the tete de mouton and it looked like sheep’s wool.


Almost everybody wore hats.  Dress hats were large and fancy.  They were made from felt or straw and decorated with feathers and other things.


                          by Nica

Women’s Dress