Salem to China: Life on Land and Sea  1784 - 1820

Jenny and Pauline’s Third Grade

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The glassblowers’ job is to make window panes, glass bowls, bottles, and cups out of hot glass.  Glass is made from sand, soda ash and lime.  The most important tool is a metal tube called a blowing rod. The glassblower blew into the rod, with hot melted glass on the other end.  The glass would bubble into a hollow vase or bowl.

What jobs did people do?

Counting all of the silversmiths in the colonies from 1634 to 1776, there was only 500.  The made dishes, spoons, and forks, along with fancy things like tea sets.

A person who repaired shoes was called a cobbler.  If he was good he also made shoes and then he was called a cordwainer.


The weaver used sheep wool to make yarn.  The farmer would card the wool to have sweaters.


We learned the blacksmith made things out of metal like hot plates, strainers, and nails.


The tinker traveled from house to house to repair metal.  If your cooking pot had a hole, the tinker could fix it.  He carried all of his tools in a big round bag called a pig.


                          by Amanda and Elizabeth

Glassblower’s Tool: A Blowing Rod